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    How to Master the Elevator Pitch

     Use this video and these posts to master the art of writing and giving an elevator pitch.I’ve had several readers complain recently that they can’t find a particular post or posts that are related. Because of...
  2. B3Global

    How to Become a More Fascinating Person

    Fascinating people captivate their audiences and influence their purchasing decisions. Use these strategies to increase your fascination quotient.Why do we find someone or something fascinating? Why are we attracted to some products and brands and not...

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Connect with a vibrant business community that’s all about giving and sharing – not just taking. We are your first stop in business networking engagement and development. Since 2007 we have distinguished ourselves by our sophisticated pay-it-forward approach to networking and relationship creation, the variety and high quality of interactions made at our events and the dedication we provide members year after year.


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